Working closely with Evergreene Architectural Arts, The Dependable Painting Company completed the restoration of all of the decorative architectural painted elements, located on the main banking hall on the first floor, and the beautifully decorated executive wing, located on the eighth floor. In the Federal Reserve Bank’s main banking hall, the coffered ceiling was cleaned and repainted back to its original condition. The infill panels were cleaned, gilded, stenciled, and detailed. The main field made up of an intricate four-color geometrical border was patched and painted before using handmade stencils to recreate the border.

In the Boardroom, the conference table, doors, and cabinets were stripped and refinished. The plaster ceiling was grained, stenciled, and glazed. The walls and valance were hand painted using a variety of stencils.

The Pre-Function Room had a plaster ceiling that was grained and hand stenciled back to its original condition. The upper walls were stenciled and the wood trim and the wall panels were refinished.

  • In Conjunction with: Evergreene Architectural Arts