The Dependable Painting Company

The Dependable Painting Company – we are everything our name implies. We specialize in commercial, industrial, and restoration painting. We seek to satisfy the specific needs of your painting or restoration project. We do so by being skilled in the most current technological advancements in our industry. Our painters are constantly enhancing their knowledge and skills with training and continuing education. Whether your project is the painting of an industrial plant, a boardroom, restoring a historical landmark, or adding a specialty finish to a lobby, The Dependable Painting Company is the experienced and exceptional choice for all of your painting needs.

The Dependable Painting Company – making a mark on commercial, industrial, and historical projects throughout Northern Ohio.

Distinguished Projects

Throughout the history of our company, we have had the honor of working on several high profile projects that are truly unique. We’re proud to share the photography and details of some of the standouts. Perhaps your unique painting or restoration job will be the next distinguished project.